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Elfasher (ELF)


Al Fashir, Al-Fashir or El Fasher (Arabic: الفاشر‎) is the capital city of North Darfur, Sudan. It is a large town in the Darfur region of northwestern Sudan, 195 kilometres (121 mi) northeast of Nyala, Sudan. [1] A historical caravan post, Al-Fashir is located at an elevation of about 700 metres (2,300 ft).[1] The town serves as an agricultural marketing point for the cereals and fruits grown in the surrounding region. Al-Fashir is linked by road with both Geneina and Umm Keddada. Al-Fashir had 264,734 residents as of 2006, an increase from 2001, when the population was estimated to be 178,500.[1]

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